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Real World Learning with SMW Viking Designs


Shawnee Mission West (SMW) High School is providing real world learning opportunities for students as outlined in the Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD) Strategic Plan. SMSD and other districts in our region are better preparing students for learning and work through Kauffman Foundation's Real World Learning. Together, we are equipping our learners and communities to thrive in a rapidly changing, increasingly connected and complex world. 


By 2030, all high school students across our region graduate with

market value assets and a diploma, preparing them for future work and learning.

Market Value Assets (MVAs) Defined




Internships: Learners perform meaningful job tasks under the guidance of a qualified supervisor.


Client-Connected Projects: Learners analyze and solve authentic problems, working in collaboration with other learners and industry professionals.




High School learners earn nine or more hours of college-level credit, ideally representing a sequence of courses toward an industry-recognized degree or credential.




Learners earn IRCs based on current lists published by state education departments and will be reviewed with employers and validated for applicability and relevance.




Students identify a compelling social or market problem and mobilize resources to research and solve it. Leveraging input and support from multiple stakeholders, students iteratively analyze, prototype, implement, reflect, and adapt potential solutions. Outputs of MVA-level entrepreneurial experiences include a market and stakeholder research summary, a business plan that includes an assessment of costs and benefits associated with development or operation of their solution, and feedback from relevant external stakeholders obtained through exhibition or shark-tank type pitch opportunities.


How SMW Viking Designs Fits


SMW Viking Designs provides students in our Digital Design business course sequence with work experiences by connecting them to client-connected projects and access to Adobe Certification. For more information about Adobe certification, visit https://certiport.pearsonvue.com/Certifications/Adobe/ACA/Badging

The SMW Viking Designs' Pitch Competition provides students in our Entrepreneurship and Introduction to Business classes with an entrepreneurial experience under the guidance of external stakeholders. For more information about our pitch competition, click here.

For more information about Real World Learning (RWL), visit https://www.kauffman.org/rwlresources/